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Our History

Adams Construction Services was founded with the vision of providing the
highest level of services and quality to building owners and general contractors requiring applied fireproofing services. I spent the better part of 10 years in the fireproofing industry working for Grace Construction Products, at the time the world’s leading manufacturer of applied fireproofing products. During my time with Grace in sales, product management, and sales management, my job was to teach fireproofing contractors the efficient use of Grace’s fireproofing products. The experience gained allowed me to become very knowledgeable in the
understanding and application of the products. At that time, most contractors who applied fireproofing were primarily wall and ceiling contractors. For many of them, fireproofing was an add-on, and they did not spend the time or resources necessary to properly understand and develop the business. My vision was to become the best fireproofing contractor in the Southeast, concentrating only on fireproofing. Many scoffed and said it couldn’t be done, that only a small percentage of buildings built actually required fireproofing, and there would not be
enough work to sustain the business. Nevertheless, I moved forward with my vision and Adams Construction Services was formed in June, 1989.


At that time, buildings around the Southeast built in the 1960’s and 1970’s were being renovated and turned into Class A office space. This work included adding sprinkler systems, as well as the removal of asbestos containing products including fireproofing. Grace had introduced a fireproofing product known as Retro-Guard, an environmentally safe product to replace the asbestos containing fireproofing products being removed. I developed relationships with several asbestos abatement
contractors and handled all their replacement fireproofing. Projects included such well-known buildings as the Equitable Building, 230 and 260 Peachtree, 55 Marietta, Executive Park, and Century Center in Atlanta; AmSouth, Bellsouth, Two North 20, and UAB Volker Hall in Birmingham; and several projects at Walt Disney World including The Polynesian and Contemporary Hotels, as well as several attractions inside the park including the Small World ride. This business began to change in the early 2000’s when owners decided to manage the remaining asbestos containing materials in their buildings through either encapsulation or leaving them undisturbed.

From the mid-1990’s until the mid-2000’s, work was plentiful in the low to mid-rise office building segment of the new construction market. These projects lent themselves to steel frame construction, and we enjoyed much success during this time with several general contractors who participated in this work. Other strong segments of the market for us included church buildings, educational buildings, and industrial buildings. When the recession hit in 2009 volume dropped significantly until the market rebounded in 2014. During this time work included mostly public schools, with a few hospitals and college buildings thrown in. Office buildings and hospital/medical buildings have carried the day for the past several

Our Team

We have enjoyed long tenured employees who have sacrificed much and who have spent considerable time away from home and family. We are forever indebted to them for their service and their role in building a truly great company with the reputation for being one of the best fireproofing contractors in the country. 


Jorge Alvarado has led the way as general superintendent since 1992; Gildardo Garcia, foreman since 1993; and Lorenzo Alvarez, foreman since 1995. They are the core of our field organization, and really, the heart and soul of our company. Many other field employees have been with us in excess of 10 years, and they help provide a stable work force in a day and time when good people are hard to find. Other newer, younger field employees have joined us in recent years, and they give us a confident outlook for the future. We have had one retiree who joined us in 1989 when it all began: we wish Simmie Robinson much happiness in his retirement. We are also thankful for a couple of exceptional admins over the years, with Laurie Wicker keeping us all straight since 2008. Chip Adams joined the company in 2015 and has brought new energy and vision, and of course, he is thankfully the company’s succession. The company is and will continue to be in capable hands under Chip’s leadership. We are poised for future success with solid supplier and customer relationships, a stable and mature workforce, state of the art equipment, and young, visionary leadership.

Gary Adams

Noteworthy Projects

1998 - Ciba Vision, Johns Creek, GA

2001 - Satellite Office Buildings, Duluth, GA

2002 - Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta, GA

2004 - First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

2005 - Milliken Blacksburg, GA

2006 - MUSC Diagnostic & Treatment Building, Charleston, SC

2009 - Woodward Academy, Atlanta, GA

2010 - Meadows Regional Medical Center, Vidalia, GA

2011 - Georgia College & State University Recreation Complex, Milledgeville, GA

2012 - UNC Dental Science, Chapel Hill, NC

2014 - Weston Office Buildings, Raleigh, NC

2015 - Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Braselton, GA

2016 - SunTrust Park, Atlanta, GA; Littlejohn Coliseum, Clemson, SC

2017 - Mercedes Benz USA Headquarters, Sandy Springs, GA; Lexington Medical Center,

Lexington SC

2018 - GTA Cyber Center Campus, Augusta, GA

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