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Standard Density Fireproofing

Regular density gypsum-based fireproofing is designed for interior structural steel and concrete substrates.

Medium Density Fireproofing

Medium density cement-based fireproofing is designed for exposed interior areas where high damage resistance is required and where high humidity is expected.

High Density Fireproofing

High density cement-based fireproofing is designed to high durability standards for the protection of interior and exterior structural members.  It provides high density, concrete-like protection and can be spray applied to either interior or exterior areas.  Suitable for interior and exterior exposed construction within manufacturing, transportation, industrial and warehouse facilities, as well as parking garages.

Architectural Intumescent

Intumescent Fireproofing Systems allow designers to express the steel structure as an art form in buildings where fire resistance ratings are required.  With multiple product choices and a wide spectrum of primers and finishes, specifications can be developed for all building types, project requirements, and conditions.

Sprayed Insulation

Spray applied insulation is tailored to your specific requirements for insulation (R-value), noise reduction (NRC), color, durability, condensation control, texture, and aethestics.  In addition, it usually provides these features at lower installed prices than many common systems such as rigid board and batt insulations, sprayed plasters and acoustical ceilings.  It is applied to virtually any properly prepared surface configuration, of wood, steel, concrete, glass and other common construction surfaces.   Spray can be applied up to five inches thick overhead in one application without mechanical support, and ultimately, serve as the exposed finish requiring no additional materials.

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